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Kari Sharp

I want you to know that I get what you’re dealing with – I’ve been there. Twice, in fact. Truthfully, I was married very young and that didn’t last long. Years later I hit the reset button and thought it was forever. I was wrong and found myself single again. I was lucky, my divorces were pretty straight forward. My ex-spouses were generally agreeable, there were no kids involved, and in each case I got it done with minimal anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really sad time, but there wasn’t too much to argue about and the process wrapped up pretty much as I expected.

It was when I met the man I’m with now that I began to realize how crazy and out of control a divorce can be. My experiences helping him react and respond to what seemed like an endless stream of lies, delays, inaccuracies, parenting nightmares, all created by the attorneys, the legal system, and his ex-wife, (can you relate?) sparked thoughts that there is absolutely a better way, and that I can help.


An atlas is traditionally a collection of maps and charts that guide you from where you are to various other places.  I felt an atlas was the perfect metaphor for the guidance and tools available at thedivorceatlas.com.  If you’re thinking about a divorce, if you’ve just started, or If you’re somewhere in the middle of your process, my system of tools and consolidated information will guide you accurately and efficiently to a healthy outcome.  thedivorceatlas.com has the information and tools you need to successfully chart your course and get beyond your divorce without losing your mind or your financial future.

Divorce is just hard. So crazy hard. No matter how you look at it, you have a long journey ahead of you.


This course is a self-paced video-based collection of learning modules with exercises to support the learning. It is designed to help you manage the potholes you’ll encounter on your divorce journey.  It will help you get prepared, stay calm and understand the places you can save money in the process. By applying my methodology, you can achieve a healthier divorce outcome.


When Dan and I got together, it was clear to me he needed help dealing with all the crap spun up by his ex and her attorney. To be clear, he’s a really capable guy but was quickly overloaded by everything that was happening…

It started with him getting pushed out of the marital home

and quickly led to things like:

  • Financial discoveries
  • Court appearances
  • Attorney issues

There were issues with his sense of self and an immediate need for counseling to help keep him centered. Add to those things the parenting issues and the deliberate parental alienation that started early and never stopped — and still hasn’t stopped. Responding to this endless barrage of mind bending stress required incredible focus and effort. It tested us as individuals, stressed our relationship, and it forced us to re-think what was really important.

I’m here to share with you what we realized when we stepped back and applied critical thinking to our circumstance.

What I saw was a logical order that applied to almost everything that we were dealing with.  Simply put it was:

    1.  Get Prepared
    1.  Get Healthy
    1.  Achieve Success

Success in our case was centered on financial health – meaning minimizing unnecessary expenses and planning for our future.  To me it all had a visual representation that looked something like this:

Steps to Achieve a Healthy Divorce by The Divorce Atlas

Let me break it down for you.


This is where it all starts and you likely do it all the time – a big storm is predicted so you do what you need to get through it.  You sign up to run a marathon and train to get ready.  Similarly, you probably wouldn’t set out on a 2000 mile road trip without checking your car’s oil and tires, and ensuring you have a full tank of gas.  So let’s extend that idea to your divorce.

Your divorce is a journey.  To get to your destination healthy and in one piece, you need to be prepared.

Calm & Control

With your preparation in place, it’s time to focus on you. Get healthy and stay healthy. I can’t tell you enough how important it is to be in a good place mentally and physically.

Taking care of yourself is absolutely critical to managing a healthy divorce. It’s like the fuel in your gas tank, without it you’re going nowhere.


What Dan and I came to understand is that divorce is a business.  The fuel that runs the engine of that business is money.  YOUR MONEY! Your savings, your retirement nest egg, or worse — your kids’ college savings!  What most people don’t understand is that they have control and can limit, or get rid of all together, the stupid and needless wasting of the money they worked so hard to save.

Together you’ll determine how you’re going to divide your assets.  Why waste a big chunk of that on your attorney fees?  I know it’s hard.  I know you’re angry.  Just breathe.  And think about your future.


The financial impact of your divorce can be devastating! It’s not only what you spend in attorney fees… there are so many other things that make up the cost of your divorce. You won’t believe how quickly things will add up.  My system and tools will help you limit wasteful spending and protect your financial future.

How much does a divorce cost? by The Divorce Atlas


Things You Should Be Asking Your Divorce Attorney

Modules on
Starting Your Journey
to a Healthy Divorce

Divorce Planning Essentials Checklist

When you sign up you’ll start with my checklist of 10 Things You Should Be Asking Your Divorce Attorney. You’ll want to make sure you and your attorney are on the same page. Next are my three free modules complete with the full information you need to:

  • Prepare for your divorce
  • Get on the road to being calm and healthy
  • Put your future finances at the top of your priority list

I give you a 30-point check list to help you get organized and make sure you have the basics covered. This information alone is impactful, powerful, and incredibly useful. You’ll realize immediate progress and see the benefit of just these initial steps.

FREE Module #1: Get


In my course I lead you through the steps to prepare properly.  The tools and information that I’ve created are instrumental to thorough preparation.  Once you’re prepared, you’re ready to move forward and deal with both the known and the unknown – and trust me, you’ll encounter plenty of unknown.  Preparation is the foundation to a successful journey – a healthy divorce.

FREE Module #2: Calm & Control


I created a process and specific actionable steps to guide you to a healthy place where you can effectively manage your divorce and protect yourself from self-destructive behaviors as well as the negative impacts of outside influences like family, co-workers, and friends.  I will show you how and you’ll likely be surprised by the remarkable results you can achieve.

FREE Module #3: Financial Success


In my course, I show you how to use the calm and control you’ve achieved to react appropriately, improve expense control and avoid wasting money.  I’ll show you decision-making techniques that help you know when and how to react to situations that could otherwise cost you thousands.  What I’ve learned in my own experiences will save you so much more than the cost of the course.

Once you see how my process works and feel the benefit of the these basic initial steps I know you’ll be curious to learn what else there is. The free course is just the start – there’s a lot more to share and even greater benefit to achieve.

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The Divorce Atlas includes 7 video-based modules

The Divorce Atlas: Navigating Your Way to a Healthy Divorce full course has seven video-based modules all uniquely designed to guide you through the steps to get prepared, get in control, and protect your finances.  Each module contains multiple lessons, each with downloadable exercises that support the learning.

This is the classic case of ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.  And you won’t know until you get all the way through it and you’ve made the mistakes Dan and I made and it’s too late.  And let me say one more time, those mistake will cost you LOADS of money.  When we got through it and realized all the mistakes we made, we found ourselves incredibly angry at the painful and expensive learning we experienced.  I vowed to not let this happen to anyone else.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.




Beginning Your Journey

In this module we’ll talk about things like getting prepared, forgiving your spouse (and why this matters!) and defining what matters for you and your life after divorce.



Taking Care of You

In this module we’ll talk about surviving the emotional rollercoaster, understanding your values and defining your personal goals.



Managing Your Relationships

This is a big lesson where we talk about how to handle your divorce with respect to your kids. We’ll also talk about how your divorce affects your family and friends and how you can keep those relationships strong throughout the process.



Your Divorce Team

We’ll talk about who you need to help you get your divorce done. You don’t have to do it all on your own, and you SHOULDN’T. This is a big job, you’ll need to get some help.



Your Financial Considerations

We’ll talk about how much a divorce can cost, how to divide up what you have and what you need to know about planning for major items such as retirement (when will you be able to?), your kids’ college education and weddings and even next year’s taxes. Yep, that’s right. There are major tax consequences if you’re not careful.



Managing Your Divorce Process

We’ll help you get organized and establish ground rules with your soon-to-be ex. We’ll show you strategies that will aide you in making informed decisions so you can create the best financial future possible for you, your ex and your kids.



Your Transition

We’ll talk about all the things that need to be done after your divorce is over. You mean to tell me I just signed my divorce papers and it’s STILL not over? Nope. There are several things that still need to be taken care of before it’s truly over. We’ll help you get through all of those items.


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No.  This course is a collection of information and techniques to help you manage the potholes you’ll encounter on your divorce journey.  I am not an attorney and I am not offering legal advice with this course.  You will not find assistance with filling out any forms or reference to any specific laws on divorce.  It is to help you get prepared, stay calm and understand the places you can save money in the process.

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The Divorce Atlas can help. I want to help you get through your struggle and on to your next chapter. There is so much life to live after divorce. Get on the path to a healthy divorce today!

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